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Programmer/Developer Software Developer


DatePosted : 5/15/2024 11:43:54 AM

JobNumber : DTS101766167
JobType : W2
Skills: Java Enterprise Edition, Spring Framework, Java RESTful Web Services, Agile methodology
Job Description

This full stack developer under the guidance of technical architects and leads, will be responsible for developing, integrating, and testing of web applications in React and Node.js frameworks as well as rest applications/microservices using Java Spring/Core and Hibernate.

This person should be able to work in a multi scrum team environment and have good communication and inter-personal skills and may assist in researching, architecting, designing, prototyping, trouble shooting, mentoring, directing, load testing, code quality checking, application security conformation and other technical areas. They may also assist in developing, maintaining, and supporting applications using Java technologies.

SALARY RANGE: 90K TO 100K Per Annum


7 years of hands-on experience in development of applications using Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) Platform.

7 years of experience with Spring Framework.

7 years of experience with Java RESTful web services using JSON.

7 years of experience with Agile methodology.

4 years of experience in unit and system testing of code.

4 years of experience with JPA, Hibernate, or equivalent.

4 years of experience with Oracle Database or equivalent.

4 years of experience with React.js, Node.js, and Redux.

3 years of experience with GitLab.

2 years of experience with Maven or Ansible.

2 years of experience in reporting using Jasper or PowerBI.

2 years of experience with Jersey or equivalent frameworks.

1 year of experience with ThymeLeaf or equivalent templating engines.

1 year of experience using Visual Studio Code.

1 year of experience in responsive design and coding to adapt to phones, tablets, and other devices.

1 year of experience in prototyping.