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Database Administrator


DatePosted : 5/1/2024 8:57:52 AM

JobNumber : DTS101766147
JobType : W2
Skills: Database Experience, Oracle, Microsoft SQL, Database Design, Database Structures, Analysis, Software Development Life Cycle.
Job Description

Senior Database Administrator (Database Administrator III) and will perform advanced database administration tasks for databases used by applications with complex data models, workflows, and reports. Assists the team in creating and maintaining logical and physical data models. The successful candidate will work with Full-stack Java applications on cloud platform (Azure/AWS) within an Agile (Scrum) environment for the CFO application. The role will involve migrating data from Oracle applications to SQL schemas and loading it into collections. Additionally, the candidate will optimize database performance during and after migration, identify and resolve performance bottlenecks, and implement monitoring solutions to track database health and performance metrics. The DBA III works on activities including but not limited to database tuning, indexing, customization, transformation, data migrations/conversions, installations, troubleshooting, upgrades, patching, user management, security of data at rest and in motion, disaster recovery, clustering for high availability and load balancing, data backup, purging and archiving, implementation of database policies, data replication and backup to secondary sites like disaster recovery environments, procedures for the integrity, availability, and confidentiality of the sensitive and business-critical databases. The role will involve working closely with the team to create and maintain logical and physical data models, with a primary focus on Oracle and Azure Microsoft SQL. This role will require converting Oracle Stored Procedures and Functions to Azure SQL.

SALARY RANGE: 120K TO 130K Per Annum


10 years: Database experience.

8 years: Experience with Oracle, Microsoft SQL, or similar.

8 years: Experience with Relational Database Administration (SQL Server or Oracle, for example).

8 years: Experience in database design, database structures, analysis, and performance tuning.

8 years: Experience designing enterprise applications and/or services.

8 years: Experience creating technical and functional design documentation.

8 years: Experience within the software development life cycle using Agile methodology (Scrum, for example).

8 years: Experience with multi-tier system/application development (SOA, Microservices, 3-Tier applications, for example).

Preferred Skills:

8 years: Experience with large volume databases, high availability, and disaster recovery infrastructure.

6 years: Experience with Azure.

6 years: Ability to Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) data from various sources into Azure SQL.

3 years: Experience in DevOps technology including CI/CD pipeline and build and deployment tools such as Git.

3 years: Experience in Java/J2EE Enterprise Development.

1 year: Azure certification is preferred and not required.

1 year: DBA Associate certifications are preferred and not required.