Dutech’s Job

Frontend ReactJS Developer


DatePosted : 5/10/2024 10:54:30 AM

JobNumber : DTS101766160
JobType : W2
Skills: JavaScript Front End Framework, React.js, Redux, CSS frameworks like MUI.
Job Description

This front-end ReactJS developer would work with other technical architects and will be responsible for designing, developing, integrating, testing, and maintaining robust web applications in React, TypeScript, Redux, Material UI, Node.js frameworks, and other related technologies. This person should perform UX and UI Design considering accessibility, responsiveness and meeting the features of modern web applications. This person could write code for server side rendering using Node.js as well as integrate applications with micro services and Reporting Services. This person should also optimize web applications for performance, compatibility, and responsiveness across various platforms and devices.

SALARY RANGE: 90K TO 100K Per Annum

 This person should provide technical leadership by setting clear direction, mentoring developers, and ensuring the delivery of high-quality code and performing troubleshooting/debugging of application issues. This person should help the team lead conduct code reviews to uphold code quality, consistency, and adherence of best practices.

 This person should have good communication and inter-personal skills and would collaborate closely with project managers, designers, and stakeholders to understand requirements and deliver software solutions aligned with business needs. They may also assist in developing, maintaining, and supporting applications using other technologies.



7 years of experience in JavaScript front end framework.

7 years of highly skilled experience in React.js.

5 years of experience in client-state management framework like Redux.

5 years of experience in integrating with CSS frameworks like MUI.

5 years of experience in integrating React app with REST services.

5 years of experience with Visual Studio Code.

3 years of extensive experience in TypeScript.

2 years of experience in integrating React app with Reporting Services like PowerBI.

2 years of experience in server-side integration using Node.js.


3 years of experience with GitLab.

3 years of experience in UX design and prototyping.

3 years of experience in responsive design and coding to adapt to phones, tablets, and other devices.

3 years of experience in Java enterprise application development.