Dutech’s Job

Security Administrator


DatePosted : 5/7/2024 12:17:28 PM

JobNumber : DTS101766156
JobType : W2
Skills: Developing and revising policies, standards, processes, Excel, PowerPoint, and Power BI Desktop.
Job Description

Conduct Supply Chain Risk (third party hosted applications) Assessment

This includes all 3rd party hosted risks that are business critical.

Create Annual Checklist for Compliance Efforts such as for CJIS, PCI, TXRAMP, etc.

Develop/Maintain Management Plans - Risk, Patch, Access, Vulnerability, etc.

Develop Dashboards as a Communication Tool

Internal for Cybersecurity Team and IT

External for Divisional Awareness

SALARY RANGE: 110K TO 120K Per Annum


Required Skills:

5 years: Developing and revising policies, standards, processes, and guidelines.

5 years: Managing risks related to the use of Information Technology, Information Security, Privacy, Regulatory Compliance, and Governance.

5 years: Conducting gap analysis and implementing frameworks and standards such as NIST.

5 years: Conducting vendor risk assessments against organizational security requirements.

5 years: Experience with computers, networks, firewalls, switches, encryption, and authentication methods.

3 years: Experience writing technical documentation for IT solutions, including operational guides and compliance documentation.

2 years: Experience in Data analysis and report creation in Excel, PowerPoint, and Power BI Desktop.