Dutech’s Job

Systems Analyst


DatePosted : 5/7/2024 10:45:30 AM

JobNumber : DTS101766152
JobType : W2
Skills: Strong ITSM Remedy, ServiceNow, Strong Database query languages (SQL PL/SQL).
Job Description

The System Analyst will be responsible for swiftly managing and resolving incidents to minimize disruptions and reduce incident backlog. And perform continuous monitoring and optimize the performance of business applications to ensure stability, and conducting thorough root cause analysis to prevent future issues. This position will provide critical technical support and also train, mentor level-1 support desk agents on a daily basis, recommend system improvements, and deliver strategic insights into system health, significantly contributing to maintaining high operational standards and supporting our organization's sustainable growth.

SALARY RANGE: 100K TO 110K Per Annum


Required Skills:

5 years: Strong ITSM Remedy, ServiceNow, or any CRM Ticketing System Experience.

5 years: Strong Database query languages (SQL PL/SQL) experience.

5 years: Effectively communicate with non-technical audience to understand business needs and explain complex systems and technical topics in a clear and concise manner.

5 years: Skilled in performing tier 2/3 support including application knowledge of various root causing techniques, incident trend analysis, reporting the trends, and recommending permanent solutions.

5 years: Strong verbal and written skills in communicating with peers and different levels of users.

5 years: Skilled documenting processes.

4 years: Skilled in performing remote support through diagnostic techniques and pertinent information gathering.

4 years: Strong skills assisting with unit testing.

Preferred Skills:

4 years: Experience working on projects utilizing agile project management methodologies.

2 years: Experience with Health and Human services.