Dutech’s Job

Software Engineer


DatePosted : 5/14/2024 10:10:22 AM

JobNumber : DTS101766163
JobType : W2
Skills: Virtual Appointment software, Microsoft Office Suite, Experience in Evaluating, Analyzing, and Developing Documentation
Job Description

Possesses excellent communication and multitasking skills and is proficient in both verbal and written communication.  Ability to evaluate, analyze, develop documentation and training material for Microsoft Bookings/Virtual Appointments.  Ability to manage tasks efficiently, while prioritizing competing workloads to meet deadlines. 

SALARY RANGE: 120K TO 130K Per Annum


Experience using Virtual Appointment software for organizing schedules and managing appointments: Required: 8 years.

Experience using Microsoft Office Suite: Required: 8 years.

Experience in evaluating, analyzing, and developing documentation and training material: Required: 8 years.

Experience in developing flow charts and diagrams describing the logical operational steps of programs: Required: 8 years.

Experience in planning and delivering specialized trainings to others: Required: 8 years.

Experience in using Microsoft Bookings or other Virtual Appointment scheduling software: Preferred: 5 years.

Experience using Microsoft Teams: Preferred: 5 years.

Experience in use of Microsoft Bookings: Preferred: 5 years.